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Mount Shasta Sightings is a 625-page chronology documenting UFO sightings in and about Mount Shasta. Revered as one of the seventh spiritual wonders of the world, Mount Shasta is enshrouded in mythology and magic. It is a stark geological statement of Pyroclasitc magnificence; a volcano jutting 14,192 feet into the heavens out of nowhere, in the middle of the Northern California high desert.

    Surrounded by other volcanic protrusions, Mount Shasta also lives in the middle of Gold Country, being in the region of the first mother lode.

     Mount Shasta’s claim to fame lies in her spiritual history boasting an alleged city within her depths named Telos. Ancient survivors from the Land of Lemuria, and Atlantis reside in their evolved state within the bowels of the mountain. Many people have claimed to have met and been educated by the “Ascended Masters” who reside within the city to teach humanity the secrets of our birthright of “Ascension” to a higher realm of existence.

    From Fredrick Oliver to Guy Ballard, many visionary spiritual leaders claimed to have channeled their teachings into books to help humanity from these Ascended Masters. This allure has influenced this tiny logging community to become a center for many spiritual groups.

     There have been many books written about the myth of Mount Shasta, including how the Ascended Masters operate. However, this is the first book of its kind to depict UFO sightings contributed by the residents spanning up to 75 years that have never been reported and none detail UFOlogy such as our book does. The allure of witnessing close to a dozen spacecraft come out of hyperspace, make a right angle turn and zip into another portal on the side of Mount Shasta is breathtaking to say the least, then finding out that locals have been seeing this their entire lifetime is off the charts.

    That is what makes our book: Mount Shasta Sightings unique from the dozen or so other Mount Shasta books, primarily the physical UFO sightings. This offers a dimension of scientific credibility by Project Bluebook, NICAP, and MUFON from police officers, the Military and a cross section of observers not available in the other books about Mount Shasta. Rather than to demean these myths, our intent is to confirm the UFO sightings with hard science and go from there in determining the existence and intent of our “Off-World” brethren. There are many sightings offered to our readers that our community disclosed for this special book.   

     I was interviewed by Lee Romney, reporter for the L.A. Times for a pre- publication interview that was on the front page and went viral on the internet, seen in 76 papers internationally that filled the internet with genuine interest in the book! The release of this book has been highly anticipated by many in the book business, from Project Camelot, George Nooray’s Coast-to-Coast Radio Program, and other UFO groups around the globe, and is now available on 

    This book is a chronology of UFO sightings taken from the Mount Shasta local citizens ranging from lawyers, police officers, military personnel, forest service employees, mechanics, writers, housewives and the like. These individuals were invited through newspaper, internet, and posters to come forward and share their experiences of which we interviewed and logged, some never heard and some we found were partially classified and almost covered up entirely. This is the first time most of these local sightings have been iterated and recorded for the public. Several highly controversial discoveries made in regards to covered up military sightings, and the training of one of our U.S. Presidents for Mars Visitation in our local area, had been discovered, and is disclosed in this issue. Dates and places have been confirmed. It is a must read that will fill in any blanks from Operation Paperclip to portals actually existing on the mountain.

     One of our local Police Captain’s had the experience of two close encounters with 2 UFOs only 30 feet away from his car, 6 years apart, with witnesses, EMI, reported to the Air Force and MUFON that we accidently dug up, that were almost entirely blacked out. Finding testimony on Dr. McDonalds audio tapes, a written interview with MUFON’s Ray Cerney and mention in APRO’s newsletter, we confirmed both sightings and then had the privilege of further backing them up, with testimony from other police officers, police officials and private citizens. The story is chilling and set precedence for other UFO investigations conducted by the military.

     I also included Yeti sightings that occurred on the Mount Shasta Proper and some of the anomalous incidents that happen in a geomagnetic unstable area such as Mount Shasta is.  The book also touches on some of the Indian lore and history of the area and the peoples who have lived here.

    The regional chronology are sightings from MUFON, Blue Book, NICAP and other sources that allowed us to use them, which substantiates the actual range of sightings that have occurred here for the last 75+ years.

     The Facebook page about Mount Shasta Sightings in a matter of several weeks has generated a large following of over 2500 likes and flurries of emails. This book is a guaranteed moneymaker with a large readership and our hopes is to have a publisher pick it up if they will be able to match the revenue that our self-publishing endeavor is geared up to expect. I thank you for your time and look forward in hearing from you in the near future.

L. A. Time's writer, Lee Romney's front page pre-publication interview of our book, went viral and was seen around the world. Read in detail her front-page article about Mount Shasta Sightings, below to refresh your memory.

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 Mount Shasta is number 13 out of 300 for UFO sighting Hot Spots. There must be some logical explanation. This book explores the history, background, reviews and reported sightings to MUFON, Project Blue-Book, Nicap and the community, to disclose long standing secrets to the author and his assistant, which they did, that further confirms the existence of UFO activity in Mount Shasta and the immediate surrounding areas. We found blacked-out, classified sightings, were able to get current testimony and findings to some of the most shocking events, never disclosed until now.  

     This book synthesizes the local phenomena to the larger pattern existing on our planet that can only bring us to the startling conclusion, that we are not alone on this planet, or in the universe. The seeming agenda of these mysterious Off-Worlders is in assisting us to recall our origins and find a deeper connection to our galactic home. This would free our species from the monkey grip of fear and oppression imposed by our own hands. Unfortunately this data does little good if there are systems in place to stop the dissemination of this beneficial information by those who for their own reasons, desire to keep our race in the dark.

     Along with never revealed sightings involving local police officers, forest service employees and people from all walks of life, some of these sightings were deliberately blacked out for their indisputable credibility of which, the truth was revealed. 
     Some of the reasons for non-disclosure are examined in the book. Already found artifacts of our parent Off-World race, their long-standing presence here and on the moon is being kept from us deliberately, by the secret space program, which is only skimming the surface. The technologies to free us from our global woes exist and are being kept from us by those who profit from keeping them secret, and it’s citizens in oppression.

      It is high time as shareholders of this planet that we are informed to the company agenda, all of it! This book at least, can help take you part way there. 
     One of our Presidents has also allegedly visited Mars several times and was educated up here in Siskiyou County by DARPA's Mars Visitation Program trainers. The Author had confirmed the existence of this class and times.  
      This volume has been decades in the making and offers an incredible informative chronology based on fact and observations of thousands. It is a must read for any curious origin seeking person, who knows that the universe is far too large and full of life to limit the neighborhood to just this planet. It is packed with over 626 pages of relevant information, maps, pictures, and resources.

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Part inspired by my adventure in 1975 explained on the next page
in the book If You Wanna Get to Heaven, and the rest is explained below.
     One of the reasons I wrote this book is that within my own life apart from the news of UFOs reported starting in the 1960s I had more mystical experiences and insight than it seems most people get in a lifetime. My own sightings occurred throughout the last 37 years and including them with others who had similar experiences, I felt that it would bring more credibility to a subject riddled and mired with ridicule. It is comforting to know that we ourselves are not the only ones who solitarily have these occurrences and that it brings a sense of safety and ease to the subject, when shared.

    The stories, events and pressure people up here in Mount Shasta carried with no outlet necessitated someone doing something about it before some of them, very old passed away. I had empathy, sharing the same feeling, and yet also knew that these events in some ways had nothing to do with UFOs per se or the physical phenomena but of a symbolic hook to our origins.They are there to inspire us to think deeper about our identity and place in an infinite universe teeming with all kinds of life.
     The obvious fact that off-world beings have been recorded on rock walls, massive art projects devoted to them, as well as references to them kick starting civilization implies their significance in our lives.
     Mount Shasta seems to be a vortex for these kind of experiences and to give audience to people like myself, can only help add to its validity. Our community has many still unlocked stories too. I have been asked to answer the question I brought up several times in the book that is in everyone's mind about Mount Shasta. Why here? It is obvious that there is something, be it an underground base or not, it seems that Mount Shasta is a portal, perhaps a intersection for instantaneous global travel, and perhaps like a train station, a main transmission for intergalactic intersections too. It is all academic until we have more concrete truth or understanding of quantum physics.
     I included the anomalies section in the book because my son and I witnessed a vortex that brought with it another time with extinct animals running from some kind of storm, that we too were on the edge of. There are bizarre things occurring here, magnetic gravity flux that pull you up hill, time shifts, etc, but for most of our technological history, and probably before, those events went unreported, or attributed to some magical force. Old radio and television shows bounce for decades in the magnetosphere and show up broadcasting themselves out of sync with their original times.
     The ridicule installed on those who witness any seeming paranormal events have been systematically in place by our governments for the simple reason to keep it all blacked out for their own uses. Non disclosure started right after the war with the increases in sightings, and the ploy has been and is, distortion of facts, demonization, non credibility, psychological ridicule and terrorization. It creates insecurity and a lack of self trust. Obviously, threats have been implemented on any military personnel, and is still in use successfully today. They don't want UFOs or interest in ETs in general, but with the internet, with decades of movies and stories about the paranormal, these governmental tactics are close to extinction, and it is just as well. Our very survival is dependent on disclosure and implementation of the advanced technology that is being kept from us. If you think about it, the only reason it is the wealthy who are making a killing off of non renewable energy.
      I am including "If You Wanna Get into Heaven" a book I wrote about traveling at a distance from a cult called "The Two" in 1975, and rewrote in 1997 which is on the next page, and tells you of the beginning of my UFO endeavors. One thing left to mention, is that there are many beings reported about Mount Shasta that appear as balls of light. Interestingly enough physics has already answered the question about our spirit and body being of the same essence, energy. Too many people separate the two and the body responds to various energy waveforms like a radio, including transmitting it, and being affected by it. We are not unlike these entities floating around in their light form. Perhaps they are here to remind us that we are still evolving to a more accurate self-identity than of dense matter. If you think about the spectrum, and what part of it we use, sound, light, smell, taste, touch and all the areas we yet have to be aware of we are affected by, such as telepathy, Telekenesis, etc, we have a lot more aptitudes than we know to tap and develop.
    I think our UFO buddies are reminders of our path and our origins rather than their cool Ferrari like anti-gravity advanced physics vehicles.
     There will be more time in the blog for discussion, and the spaces below will shortly be filled with pictures from the book.

     Now that we got some of the formalities out of the way, many people ask me, "Are the ETs friendly?" I can only answer that by first establishing "Which ones?" From the evidence presented from archeology there seems to be several different flavors of Off-Worlders from the "Greys" Dogans, Pleiadians, Anunaki, and who knows what. The Native American tribes disclose an underground species of reptilians, the South Americans describe another breed and frankly it is my conjecture the 13 tribes of Israel were a group or federation of explorers that set up a collective outpost here for hundreds of thousands of years, that even all the flavors of terrestrials come from. That is my opinion based more on a gut feeling than anything else.
     According to Zecharia Sitchin who wrote "The 12th Planet" depicts the Anunaki as conducting genetic experiments to develop a workforce to take over their overworked crew, bred many versions of humans with other genes, and got who knows what. Now that our own technology and scientists are doing the same thing it does not seem like a long shot or out of the realm of reality considering we have cloned a sheep, and who knows what else under the shroud of secrecy. From the ridiculous to the sublime the lines of what we consider physical and hard wired is now fluid and mutable as it always has been. We would not have evolution unless things could change, upgrade and adapt. It is just the level of self trust in our abilities to keep our creations altruistic, safe and sane is questionable unless we get a handle on our emotional body.
     There are stories and pictures of cattle mutilations, Off-Worlders abducting people for their genetic materials, implanting things in them, and all without consent. What is that about unless we are viewed as being an object with no more worth than a house fly? I have my doubts about all the species being spiritually minded and practicing kindness. And with that, Kindness, is what we are here to understand and apply wholeheartedly, and revel in the amazing beauty and sacredness of all life. It takes the misbehavior and bad out of life, which we so badly need to demonstrate and feel. 

On the next page, the following story: If You Wanna Get to Heaven is significant to Mount Shasta Sightings as it maps out how I landed in Mount Shasta and took up residency.
I wrote this rendition as a movie treatment but it is complete, less some very entertaining  details to not embarrass some of the characters since they still work up and down the Interstate. And YES it is a true story...


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MOUNT SHASTA SIGHTINGS (Volume 1) by   Mr. Brian David Wallenstein (Dec 14, 2012)

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